"Lucid Cover" documents people`s response to corona virus disease during end sars protest 2020. 


A nationwide protest started on October 8th, 2020 demanding an end to the SARS unit in the Nigerian Police Force. This social movement started as a social media campaign with the hashtag #ENDSARS on twitter. The protest went on for days irrespective of the global pandemic killing thousands of people. 


Prior to the beginning of the protest, the number of corona virus cases had reduced drasically after the national lockdown imposed by the government on the people that lasted for several months. After the protest lasted for days, new cases emerged which signalled a drastic rise in covid-19 cases showing a sign of the second wave of corona virus disease occuring in Nigeria.


During the protest, some people had their protective face masks on to protect themselves from the virus while other people weren`t conscious of the pandemic still going on because they believed the notorious SARS unit in the Nigerian Police Force kills more people than Covid-19.


On Tuesday 13 October 2020, the Nigerian Police Force announced a dissolution to the SARS unit which was recorded by the people as the fourth time in four years that the SARS unit will be dissolved. The PRO of the Nigerian Police Force introduced the formation of SWAT unit to resplace the disbanded SARS unit. Also, the government has warned the people against protests during an announcement following the Lekki Massacre that occured on 20th October 2020.