Aisha Bada (b, Dec. 2000) is a medical doctor in training and photojournalist based in Lagos, Nigeria; her work is inspired by a passion to tell visual stories that would create awareness of various environmental, medical and health issues.


She began to explore photography in 2018, exploring street documentary and smartphone photography.


Aisha is one of Canon Storytelling Workshop mentees 2019. She is also a member of African Photojournalism Database (APJD), a joint project by World Press Photo Foundation and Everyday Africa.


When she is not taking photos, you will find her volunteering at her local humane society, reading books or hanging out with friends/family.


Her work focuses on capturing a moment whether it is portraiture, lifestyle or any form of medical documentary work. She uses both analog and digital technologies according to what she needs for her work.


For more information about Aisha`s work or to get in touch regarding telling other major visual medical stories employment opportunities, feel free to download my Curriculum Vitae