I`m driven by the subject`s feeling of not being heard because of factors that the society inflicts on people with health problems. This is why i create still images! To give people a voice so that they can breathe...




Aisha Bada is a medical doctor in training and photojournalist based in Lagos, Nigeria; her work is inspired by a passion to tell visual stories that would create awareness of various environmental, medical and health issues. She began to explore photography at the age of 17, exploring street documentary and smartphone photography. She takes an immersive approach to visual storytelling, creating relationships with the subject she intends to represent spending months and years embedded in their lives. Her work focuses on capturing a moment whether it is portraiture, lifestyle or any form of medical documentary work.


Aisha was a participant of Canon Storytelling Masterclass 2019. She is a member of African Photojournalism Database (APJD), a joint project by World Press Photo Foundation and Everyday Africa and Black Women Photographers. She participated in a group online exhibition "New Nigeria Studios - MASK UP" highlighting people`s response to corona virus during end sars protest 2020.


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Papa performing his meditation exercise, 2020.